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How to Connect Eversolo DACs with Mobile Phone by USB

1. Eversolo DACs USB setting

1.1 Push the volume knob on the front panel and enter into "Settings> Input Source> USB-C".

1.2 Connect the mobile phone to DACs USB-C port by a data cable.

1.3 What data cables are suitable for the connection?

Android: Micro USB to Type-C audio cable

Android: Type-C to Type-C audio cable

IOS: Lightning to Typy-C Professional Audio Cable

2. Android/IOS Guides

2.1 Android: Take Hiby Music for example.

Enter into Hiby APP> Enable exclusive HQ USB audio access> DSD mode set to Native> Enable “Keep alive in background” for USB output setting.

2.2 IOS/iPad

IOS: Take Apple Music (premium account) for example.