Functional overview

ESS Sabre flagship ES9038Pro 32 bits D\A converter chip.

The 3rd generation XMOS XU316 with higher performance and faster speed.

High precision, low jitter dual clock oscillators synchronous processing.

OPA1612*8 I/V operational amplifier circuit, 8-channel shunt compensation technology.

Up to DSD512 Native, PCM768KHz@32Bit decoding.

Optical, Coaxial and USB support MQA full decoding and rendering.

Qualcomm QCC5125 Bluetooth 5.0 module.

Fully balanced audio architecture, differential amplifier circuit and professional calibration.

High-performance headphone amp output, 16-300 ohm headphone driver.

3-inch LCD screen, with diverse VU meter modes.

Low ripple power supply to ensure a purer power source.

Exclusive mobile phone controller APP for global control.